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Aquaride provides a technical support service through a qualified technical staff to solve any problem related to your Hydrofoil E-Bike. Below you will find a list of general f.a.q. to satisfy your requests for information. For more specific requests, please fill in the form below.


You can ride on oceans, rivers and lakes, handling moderate chop and swell. The front tiller section of the Hydrofoil E-Bike self-levels and help to punch through chop and over swell as you ride. Check out this video showcasing the bike in choppy conditions.

*Always ride to your ability and practice caution in riskier conditions.

Confident swimmers between 60 and 100 Kg of any age (no license required). To perform the submerged launch, riders do need to weigh below 100 Kg in order to re-surface.

The battery offers average 4 hours of riding time on the medium assist level and 2 hours on maximum assist*. Riding conditions, rider input and ability will affect ride time. The 70 cell lithium-ion battery pack delivers 22Ah with each battery pack being easy to swap out in minutes.

To recharge the battery, the battery plugs into any standard wall socket and takes 3 hours to charge back to full.

*Ride duration is subject to rider weight, water conditions and level of electronic assistance the rider has selected.

The Hydrofoil E-Bike is the most mobile personal watercraft in the market today. Designed to be broken down into three parts; front foil, rear foil, and body. This allows for simple storage and transportation in-car or on roof racks. The Hydrofoiler can be assembled within 5 minutes and carried to the water by hand.

Strengthened carbon fibre which is set with high performance epoxies (front and rear hydrofoils). Aircraft grade TIG welded 606-T6 aluminium (frame). Vacuum formed ASA plastic (buoyancy modules).
The Hydrofoiler™ XE-1 currently weighs 31 Kg including battery and motor. Fully assembled bike dimensions: 1,37 m High x 1,98 m Wide x 2,19 m Long.

Riders are recommended to wear a PFD (personal flotation device)/life jacket and carry a communication device. The PFD will help the rider float in the water when they’re not riding. The communication device is to contact someone on shore in the case of an emergency.

Yes, Hydrofoil E-Bike is made with ‘clean-technology’ meaning that riders can explore all water areas, including protected lakes and rivers that petrol-powered watercraft are denied access to.

A minimum depth of 1 meter to ride the Hydrofoil E-Bike is recommended. However, to perform the submerged launch to resurface this would require a minimum water depth of 2 meters.

The Hydrofoil E-Bike floats on its side when stationary. When you stop pedalling you will slowly sink down into the water, buoyancy prevents the bike from sinking when you stop pedalling. Master the remounting technique to perform a "submerged launch" to get foiling again from deep water.

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