About us

Aquaride is the distributor in Italy and Switzerland of Manta5 Hydrofoil E-bike. Hydrofoiler XE-1 is world-first water e-bike designed to replicate the cycling experience on water designed and produced by innovative New Zeland-based Company Manta5.


Aquaride’s mission is to spread a new approach to cycling and watersports through a highly technological and eco-friendly water vehicle. Being the exclusive distributor of Manta5 in Italy and Switzerland, two territories with plenty of sea shores and lakes, Aquaride  wants to become a country hub for those who want to challenge themselves with this new and awesome sport experiencemadre neozelandese. Besides Aquaride is also addressing towards those companies operating in tourism and boat renting business  who are looking for something really new for their clients distinguishing from their competitors.


Aquaride is the brand ambassador of this brand new approach to water sports by spreading the vision of Manta5 across Europe in order to set a cycling’s new frontier. In addition to the commercial aspect, the long-term goal of Aquaride is to be catalyst for a real new sport community of users of the Hydrofoil E-Bike. Aquaride aims to create a Worldwide circuit of dedicated sporting events by allowing the widespread access to the Hydrofoil Bike to a larger and larger audience in the most famous seaside and lake tourist resorts in Italy and Switzerland.